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Psychosexual follows a young woman (Gianna Dior) across the span of a decade as she grapples with her sexual compulsions and the damage it wreaks on her relationships. After her behavior catalyzes a devastating loss in the days before she turns eighteen, Gianna turns inward and channels her energy toward living the boxed life she’d always mocked, marrying early and pursuing a conventional career as a sex therapist. We meet her again as she emerges a woman as educated and accomplished as she is stunning, but her outward success masks the failings of her withering marriage, her risky and illicit sex life, and the sometimes-inappropriate sessions she leads with her clients.


As if still floating on the momentum it took to fling herself off a cliff, Gianna hovers in a numbing daze of caffeine, power bars, work, and afterhours sex until finally the force of gravity pulls her down on the morning her husband discovers a condom left in the toilet. To the day, it is exactly ten years since her last crash, and once again Gianna finds herself alone on the rocks. This time she resolves to pick up the pieces and find a way to rearrange them so that who she is will finally fit with the relationships she has.



Hot babe Gianna came from a military family and moved about a lot when she was younger. She hails from California and started in the industry in 2018. She is an all natural girl with a slim form and gorgeous brunette hair and brown eyes.

She admits that off camera she loves to sleep, along with keeping abreast of her social media activities and she is partial to sushi.



The Austrian-born actor, producer, director has won countless awards including “Performer of the year” 8 times and solidified himself as an industry legend with his 2017 induction into the AVN Hall of Fame.When not on-set, Mick can be found on the race track as a licensed race car driver.


He additionally holds a brown belt within the martial artwork of Brazilian jiu jitsu.



Avery Cristy is an American adult film actress from Ohio. She began her acting career in the year 2019.

She claimed to be fascinated with the adult movie industry was the reason she joined and for adventure. Her family and friends are giving her the support she needs.

Founded in 2014, Vixen Media Group is the premier online destination for exclusive, luxury adult content. Referenced as “the HBO of adult entertainment” and featured in Rolling Stone, Forbes, The Daily Beast, BuzzFeed, Men’s Health, Vice and other outlets, Vixen Media Group’s network of branded websites have more than 30 million visitors each month with more than nine million Instagram followers. Its innovative studios – Vixen, Blacked, Tushy, Deeper and Slayed – have earned more than 100 awards and accolades, remaining the unprecedented leaders in the space. 


Reigning three-time director of the year, Kayden Kross began the adult industry as a performer and transitioned behind the camera the day her partner came home and asked her to direct his movie for him. That project went on to win multiple awards as well as top the bestseller’s list, prompting a passion project that culminated in the studio under Kayden’s writing and directing work. 

Psychosexual is a Vixen x Deeper collaboration and was born the day Gianna Dior brought up a story she’d heard of a sex therapist who had begun cuckolding her husband. Gianna and Kayden worked together to fill in details of the story with details from Gianna’s own life to personalize the project in a way that would make it perfectly unique and suited for Gianna as the biggest project to date of her career. The screenplay for Psychosexual was meticulously plotted in a joint effort between the two women by digging through passages from Gianna’s favorite books, movies, songs, and personal anecdotes and sprung to life on set as Gianna embodied her character perfectly. The moment that Gianna broke down and tore the calendar to pieces the performance was so raw that the whole crew stopped in silence and then broke out applause. It was left as a single take so there would be no choice but to use the perfect take in the editing process." Said Kross. "From conception to completion, Psychosexual has been uniquely tailored to the talent it sought to showcase."



Winner of AVNs Best Male New Comer award & Best 3-Way Scene and UrbanX Male Performer of the year Raised in New Orleans and California resident.








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Psychosexual by Vixen Media Group

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